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Recipes Page

  1. Do you publish your recipies? I want to have some fun and start experimenting!

    Yes, we publish our recipes, * visit to get started on your quest to a more natural "in home" experience.  Please let us know how you made out. 

    *for personal home use only

  2. Sugar acids are responsible for tooth decay. How can they be put in a toothpaste?

    To make Mama Goode's toothpaste have a sweeter taste, xylitol is used as a substitute to sugar.  Xylitol is a natural sweetener that has a molecular structure similar to the sugar carbohydrate molecule.  It's precursor xylose was originally harvested in Finland from birch trees.  Today it's harvested from corn.  Tests show that xylitol actually helps prevent cavities by reducing tooth decay rates in both high and low risk groups.

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  1. Where can I find information about toxins in cosmetics?

    Health Canada has some information on what is in cosmetics.  Click here to go to their website.

    There is also the cosmetic data base where you can pretty much type in any cosmetic product and find information on it.

    David Suzuki has a FAQ page about chemicals and cosmetics.

  2. What is Mama Goode's Conditioner Rinse?

    Mama Goode's Conditioner Rinse is a crucial component to keeping your hair soft and healthy looking.  Your hair likes pH levels that are slightly acidic to keep it from becoming dry and frizzy.  Mama Goode's Conditioner Rinse is slightly acidic that will not only rinse Mama Goode's Shampoo from your hair, but further clean and soften both your hair and scalp.

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Shopping for Mama Goode's Products

  1. Does Mama Goode have a store front?

    Mama Goode does not have a store front at the moment.  She is working on wholesaling her products to be put into a couple of stores located in Toronto.  

  2. If we live in Toronto, is there a shipping discount when purchasing Mama Goode's Products?

    Definitely!  Mama Goode has arranged for a cheaper internal delivery service that will deliver anywhere in Toronto.  Instead of purchasing products through the online store, send Mama Goode an email with your purchase request.  She will personally arrange a payment plan and delivery date that works for you!

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