Reduce your toxic footprint.

Life is not synthetic, neither are you!

About Us 


We are the original Goode Family and we want to help you reduce your toxic footprint!
Household cleaning products are in every home, in every neighbourhood, and everyone uses or comes in contact with them, all the time.  We breath them in, carry them on our clothes and skin, sleep in them, eat on them, wash with them, you name it.  Yet when we look at the ingredients in these products, we can't even imagine how to begin to pronounce the endless list of jargon.  Most of which are toxic and synthetic, made in labs and don't really have any real data on them when it comes to long-term health effects and the like.
We want to educate you and your family on the products you're buying and help you reduce the toxicity levels in your home, body and the environment.  Check out our story below and how we came up with the idea of helping other families become a conscious consumer and provide other not-so-mainstream cleaning product options!
The Goode Story:
Ever since we were babies, our fondest memories were at our wilderness canoeing trips in northern Ontario.  We would pack everything except the kitchen sink and head out, we drove for a few hours, before we parked at the Joeperry parking lot.  We would then load up all of our gear and head down to the lake with our life jackets and paddles in hand.  Once we loaded up the canoes and shoved off the dock, we would head into the heart of the lake before making a turn into our wilderness site.  Then we would immediately set up camp and start the bonfire before we went out for a dip and got in some fishing.  Soon the sun would set and we'd be reminded how majestic and beautiful our surroundings really were.  At night, we would listen to the sound of dad's guitar and the loons interluding with the howling wolves doing a chorus in the deep bowels of the forest beckoning us to sleep.  This is how we remember mother nature in her true glory.


All too soon, we'd find ourselves savouring every last morsel of fresh air and beauty, staying up until the misty dawn would rise over the bay and reveal the surreal utopia that would  spread out before us.

Before we knew it, we'd be hauling our gear back up to our car for the long journey home.  We always made our final pit stop with the local blueberry pie lady and made sure we had enough goodies to at least get us home.   

Once we entered our house, we'd again see on the t.v. that if we wanted fresh air inside our house, we simply needed to spray it out of a can, and voila, we'd be breathing fresh air …

Something seemed amiss.  Then we answered an ad that challenged a family to go green for 3 months.  We wanted to learn more and also needed to see how well we were doing.

That was one of the biggest eye opening experiences of our lives.  We really hadn't stopped to think about the dozens of toxic chemicals that we were using in our home and how these were affecting our health.  As the days went by and we removed our cleaning agents we were very curious how our forefathers and mothers cleaned themselves and their houses.  

Thus began our educational journey with the countless visits to the public library and the endless research of the internet.  We interviewed older generations and asked questions and we listened to the way things used to be and how things were done in the old days.  The days before WW2 because those were the days before the chemical revolution took place.

We made products out of sheer necessity and to our delight found that these products helped clear our allergies and minor skin irritations.

While our health improved and our bodies adjusted to the new chemical free lifestyle, we found that we had more vitality and energy to get through our busy days.  Our sense of smell improved, as our very cells started to realign and our bodies started to rebalance into a natural healthy state.  We were able to grow and evolve and it was a very natural progression of who we were at the core of our being.

Going green has been such a tremendously inspiring transformation for us that we are compelled to spread the good word.

Flushing down our dirty mop water is no longer worrisome.  Trading in our toxic mill for a greener environment is the secret to our longevity and the saving grace for a brighter, more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.

It just feels good to be part of the solution and we want to talk to you about our experiences.